Thursday, May 31, 2012

Android Services Utility

An Android application which demonstrate some of Android services and features, each service has its own screen, containing a one or more implementations using that service.

The application is based on my Cyborg framework, and uses a variety of modules which supports me as a developer, and so far the application uses the following modules:
  • Network Module.
  • Sensors Module.
  • Graph API.
  • Play-Store Module.
  • Crash Report Module.
  • Automation Module.
  • Google Maps Module.
  • Location Module.
  • Pay-Pal Module.
  • Google Analytics Module.

With which the following UI is available:
  • Network Screen - Display the status of the different network features.
  • Sensors screen - Accelerometer, Magnetic, Rotation Vector, Orientation.
  • All screens uses a simple Cyborg Graph API to visualize the sensor data.
  • Location Screen - Shows Google Maps, user can define way points, edit, and navigate between them.

You may download the application from here.  

Before downloading, take under consideration that I'm doing about a thousand things at the same time, and I'm only one man, so if the app crashes don't hold it against me... just submit a crash report, and I'll fix it!

Some screen shots:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What is Cyborg...

Check it out:

NOTE: The presentation is a VERY old... I'll have to work on it a little when I'll some spare time!

OK... So it has been a while but Cyborg is finally out, it is now crazier than ever... if you are an Android developer you should give it a go!