Thursday, June 7, 2012

Automation Module

Ahhhhhhh... Automation, Every big corporation wet dream...

One of the first things I've made sure, is that Cyborg would have automation integration.

I've created an Automation Module, which MAY be integrated to Cyborg, and functions as a User Actions Scenario recorder, and also created a Cyborg Robotium Project that with the assistance of the Automation module, runs that Scenario.

This module by itself is nice, but limited... so the user can browse the application, and the steps would be recorded, and then what?

Combined with the Crash report module, the Scenario is attached to the report, and while arriving at the server, the scenario may be extracted and integrated into a CI(Continues Integration) cycle.

I would still need to write some nice interface for executing these tests manually...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Android Services Utility

An Android application which demonstrate some of Android services and features, each service has its own screen, containing a one or more implementations using that service.

The application is based on my Cyborg framework, and uses a variety of modules which supports me as a developer, and so far the application uses the following modules:
  • Network Module.
  • Sensors Module.
  • Graph API.
  • Play-Store Module.
  • Crash Report Module.
  • Automation Module.
  • Google Maps Module.
  • Location Module.
  • Pay-Pal Module.
  • Google Analytics Module.

With which the following UI is available:
  • Network Screen - Display the status of the different network features.
  • Sensors screen - Accelerometer, Magnetic, Rotation Vector, Orientation.
  • All screens uses a simple Cyborg Graph API to visualize the sensor data.
  • Location Screen - Shows Google Maps, user can define way points, edit, and navigate between them.

You may download the application from here.  

Before downloading, take under consideration that I'm doing about a thousand things at the same time, and I'm only one man, so if the app crashes don't hold it against me... just submit a crash report, and I'll fix it!

Some screen shots:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What is Cyborg...

Check it out:

NOTE: The presentation is a VERY old... I'll have to work on it a little when I'll some spare time!

OK... So it has been a while but Cyborg is finally out, it is now crazier than ever... if you are an Android developer you should give it a go!